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Marco Polo - 14 -THE -THE .MORNING CALL, Anenfown, Ps.,...
14 -THE -THE .MORNING CALL, Anenfown, Ps., Mono?, Feb. 19,. 1962 TV Keynotes: Acting Beats Singing DOROTHY PANDRIDGE '. sings for supper BY HAROLD STERIN HOLLYWOOD In a blue. smoky night club, a sinuous lady with a bad habit drugs sings for her supper on "Cain's Hundred," Hundred," v tomorrow night. She's handsome, sensuous Dorothy Dan-dridge Dan-dridge Dan-dridge playing an entertainer who tries to "kick" the drug habit in "Blues for a Junkman." "A lot of viewers may identify the character with the late Billie Holiday." said ; Miss Dandrige, "but there's no connection with this story. V Miss Dandridge will sing a few numbers in the .show, ; but she says the singing isn't the impor tant part it's the acting. She hopes to leave an impression, be cause she. wants to act more on .TV. r 'Tell "me,", she asked, "do you only take good parts, or are you supposed to take anything that comes along? I'm told the only important thing is to keep before the public eye. This is Dorothy's TV dramatic debut and frankly she wants to act four or five times a year in the medium . and de-emphasize de-emphasize de-emphasize her singing career. She doesn't know if she's been considered too high priced, or whether producers even think of her as an actress.' Should she take out ads in Hollywood trade papers to show she is interested in dramatic work? , . She also Wonders if she could find four or five suitable scripts in a year. "Sammy Davis Jr. seems to be the only one of my race who' manages to work that much in television. Would it be harder for a woman?" f . Miss Dandridge is full of ques tions, because she wants to cut down on her night club engage ments and stay home with - her family. sv Contract Bridge By B.JAY BECKER . South dealer. East-West East-West East-West vulnerable. NORTH A J 10 4 3 ' VA65432 . A43 WEST EAST Q85 49762 VKQJ V1098? AKQJS 10974 107 A2 SOUTH 4AK "V 6532 KQJ9865 The bidding-: bidding-: bidding-: Couth West North East 1 A Dble. Redble. Pass Pass. .14 l pass 2 2 S4v pass 6 Pass Pass 9 4 7 Opening lead king of dia monds. This band was played in New York in the 1956 masters team of four championship. Harold Ogust, playing with Bor is Koytchou, opened with a club. West doubled, naturally enough, and North redoubled. When this came around to West, he bid a diamond over which Koytchou bid Today s Television For complete program listing$ for each day of the week set the CaU-Chronicle CaU-Chronicle CaU-Chronicle Weekly Television Log Published each Saturday in the Evening Chronicle and each Sunday in the Sunday Call . Chronicle. WRCV-TV WRCV-TV WRCV-TV Chan. 3 AM. 5:45 Today's Thoushf 5:50 Farm and Market 5:5S News 4:00 Classroom 7:00 Today 7:25 Today In Phila. 7:30 Today ' i:?5-Today i:?5-Today i:?5-Today In Phila. :30 Today 9:00 Lea Dexter :30 Exerclsino :50-What' :50-What' :50-What' Doing :SS News 10:00 Say When 10:30 Play Your Hunch 11:00 Price Is Right 11 :30 Concentration 12:00 Your Impression 1 2 : 30 Consequence 12:55-News 12:55-News 12:55-News 1 :00 Award Theater 2:00 Jan Murray 2:25-News 2:25-News 2:25-News 2:30 Lore tt a Young 3:00 Dr. Malone 3:30 Five Daughters 4:00 Room for Daddy 4:30 Here's Hollywood 4:55 NBC News s.-oo-Kukia s.-oo-Kukia s.-oo-Kukia s.-oo-Kukia s.-oo-Kukia a. onie 5:05 Five O'clock Show :20-Trib. :20-Trib. :20-Trib. to Lincoln 6:25-Sports 6:25-Sports 6:25-Sports 6:30 News 6:40 Weather 6:45 NBC News 7:00 Death Valley Day 7:30 Profile 62 :00 National Velvet :30-Price :30-Price :30-Price Is Right 9:00 7th Precinct 10:00 Thriller 11:00 News 11:10 Weather 11:15 Jack Paar A.M. 1:00 Wanted FBI 1:05 Douglas Fairbanks 1:35 Speak Up 2:05 News 2:10 Today's Thought WFIL-TV WFIL-TV WFIL-TV Chan. 6 A.M. :15 F.D.R. 6:30 Operation Alphabet 7:00 News 7:05 Breakfast Time 7:45 Cartoons. Rocky 1:00 Happy the Clown 9:00 Trim & Slim 9:15 Rex Morgan 9:50 News 10:00 The Texan 10:30 Yours for Song 11 :00 Schoolhouse 11:15 University of Air P.M. 12:00 Camouflage 12:30 Make a Face 1:00 Day in Court 1:25 New 1:30-Who 1:30-Who 1:30-Who do vou Trust? 8:00 Jane Wyman 2:30 Seven Keys 3:00 Queen for Oay 3:30 Bandstand 4:50 News 5:00 Cartoons 5:30 Popeye Theater 6:25-Clutch 6:25-Clutch 6:25-Clutch Cargo 6:30 Peter Gunn 7:00 Newsreel 7:10 Weather 7:15 News 7:30 Cheyenne (:30 Rifleman ' 9:00 Surfside 4 10:00 Ben Casey 11:00 ABC News 11:10 News. Back 11:20-Weather 11:20-Weather 11:20-Weather 11:25 Soorts 11:30 Best Movie WCAU-TV-Chan. WCAU-TV-Chan. WCAU-TV-Chan. WCAU-TV-Chan. WCAU-TV-Chan. 10 A. M. :50 Give Us This Day 5:55-News 5:55-News 5:55-News :00-College :00-College :00-College of Air 4:30 TV Seminar 7:00-8111 7:00-8111 7:00-8111 Bennett 7:30-News 7:30-News 7:30-News 7:45 Plxanne :00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Gene London 9:55-New. 9:55-New. 9:55-New. Collier 10:00-Cslendar 10:00-Cslendar 10:00-Cslendar 10:301 Love Lucy 11 :00-Vldeo :00-Vldeo :00-Vldeo Village 11:30 Surprise Package 11:55-CBS 11:55-CBS 11:55-CBS News r-M. r-M. r-M. U:0-Love U:0-Love U:0-Love of Life 12:30 Search for Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light l:0O-News, l:0O-News, l:0O-News, Collier 1:05 Bums & Allen 1:30 As the World Turns 2:00 Password 2:30 House Party 3:00 Millionaire 3:30 Verdict is Your 3:55 CBS News 4:00 Brighter Dey 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 Edge of Night 5:00 Highway Patrol 5:30 Early Show 4:45 Mayor H. J. Tats 7:007 o'clock report 7:15 CBS News 7:30 To Tell Truth 9:00 Pete & Gladys 4:30 Father Knows Best 9:00 Danny Thomas 9:30 Andy Griffith 10:00 Hennesey 10:30 I've Got A Secret 11:00 News 11:10 Weather 11:15 Late Show A. M. 12:50 Late Late Show 2:25-News; 2:25-News; 2:25-News; Talk "I'm happiest working for a live audience," she says, "but the life is difficult, particularly for a female female singer." She can see how the character she plays in "Cain's Hundred" takes up the dope habit. habit. "I think it's insecurity," Doro-tby Doro-tby Doro-tby says. , , I "You feel tired after a show and yet you can't unwind before 4 a.m. Now a woman can't go to bars, and you have to be care ful who you re with, who to trust, The best thing is to go to your room and do nothin'. It's a most boring existence. "I've adjusted now," Dorothy continued in a soft voice, "but it wasn't easy in the early years. "Other singers often sit out at tables in a supper room between numbers, but I don't think it's in good taste. Some people think you re a snoo, Dut J. Deiieve you should be honest yourself and do the best you can." Last fall Dorothy went before the cameras as the dope addict and four days later flew to Bel grade, Yugoslavia, to play the role of an Indian princess in the movie spectacle "Marco Polo." "There I am, a rich bored prin cess with a harem of men. Marco Polo comes along and I buy him. she said. The spectacle still hasn't been finished nor has the casting been completed. "I think they're still trying to get Yul Brynner and Rod Steiger," says Dorothy Miss Dandridge feels reluctant to talk to the press. "Maybe I'm too honest, or something," she says quietly, and it comes out the wrong way. I think a remark over a few minutes later and ask a reporter to rephrase it, but it still doesn't come out right." Miss Dandndge has spent a good deal of time in Europe in the past few years making pictures pictures and singing in night clubs, so she is constantly being queried by reporters on American policies and the Negro problem. "I'm not political," she says. "and I try to avoid those prob lems. I get tough questions and try to answer them by asking questions in return. It takes the heat off." While Miss Dandridge worries about her remarks in the press. she 'still earns praise for being one of the first personalities to sue a smut magazine for an er roneous tale and win her case. This was the beginning of the magazine's downfall and Miss Dandridge should get credit for taking a stand. ri i I

Clipped from
  1. The Morning Call,
  2. 19 Feb 1962, Mon,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 14

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